A food blog for busy hard working people and especially for all of my friends and family who have been following my posts on Instagram and Facebook the past 5 years. This blog was set up by my brother-in-law David Smith, but updated by me and for you to follow. Hopefully you'll be able find some great eats locally and at the same time, try some good healthy and sometimes not so healthy but yummy restaurants and recipes! The good thing about this blog is, it'll be an array of different types of foods from restaurants as well as recipes I've found on line or created myself!

  I hope you enjoy the blog!

Every knows my entire family loves to eat so most of my inspiration comes from eating out and then coming home to make copycat recipes! Sometimes it's easy to copy and other times, it's an epic failure! But that only helps improve my cooking skills! The good news is, I'll only post recipes to this blog that I've tested and my husband has given me the green light to post. Lucky for you, I've already done all the hard work in my test kitchen.

Also, most of us are too busy to cook during the week so I try to pick recipes that are easy and quick! Since not every recipe is easy so I will recommend the complicated ones for the weekend, but I promise you they will be worth it and much healthier than in the restaurants and at a fraction of the costs.

Here's some stuff I've made! Recipes to come --- So keeping checking for new recipes!

Bowl Meals: Pho - time consuming to make but worth it!

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Pho with rare steak



Raspberry yogurt cupcake with meyer lemon cream cheese frosting.

Slow cooker

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Chicken curry with bell peppers & carrots


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Spicy Carne Asada Thai Salad


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Butternut squash with crispy bacon chips and green onions