BBQ Near La Mesa and SDSU area?

Trang Nguyen

BBQ! Who knew we had a good joint near La Mesa, Ca!


7229 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115


It's the first day of May and it was in the 90's today! Even with our newly installed AC system we didn't want to cook! So we opted to try this Ranchwood BBQ a few blocks from our house! A bit skeptical since it wasn't crowded at 7:30 tonight!


Let's start with the best thing we ordered. The Big Texan! A nice big grilled cheese sandwich and add brisket and BBQ sauce! So yummy!! We killed it and wanted more!


Parfait! So different from the other places in SD! The sauce is thick sweet and savory which I love! Who knew mash potatoes, BBQ sauce and brisket would be such a marry combination! The mere idea of eating a parfait as a savory dish is weird because it looks like a dessert but it's not! Once you put a bit in your mouth, you get over the dessert idea!


Last thing we ordered was the St. Louis ribs. It was just ok, but probably because by the time I tried it, I was already full. The ribs were tender but I guess I am not that big of a pork ribs fan but hey when you want BBQ near home, this is perfect!


Overall this place gets 4 stars because service was fast and the food was good! To top that off its near our home!

If you're around the area and want BBQ, stop by here for the big Texan sandwich!

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