Beef & shrimp spring rolls

Trang Nguyen

vietnamese spring rolls with lemongrass beef and shrimp!


If you have ever been fortunate to be invited to a Vietnamese person's home to have this meal do it! We do this at home maybe once a month and a great way to get my hubby to eat fresh veggies.

This is a fun meal for everyone! While prep time is mainly washing veggies,slicing cucumbers, making the sauce and boiling noodles. If you're feeling extra fancy, you had butterflied shrimp and calamari.


2 pounds of sliced ribeye into thin slices like for pho
1 head of red or green lettuce
1 bunch of mint
1 bunch of cilantro
1 whole cumbumber sliced in long sliced
Vermicelli noodles (optional)
Rice paper
Any other green Asian herb to your liking.
Minced lemon grass
Salted butter
Sliced red or brown onions

photo Prep your lettuce, mint, cilantro, cumbumbers.

photo Get your rice paper and rice paper dipper.

photo Sliced ribeye from the butcher.


Take rice paper and submerge in water and let water drop off paper. Here's how your rice paper and veggies will look.

photo Take a tablespoon butter and coat pan. Add your minced lemon grass, onions, beef and shrimp until cooked.

photo Place all your greens and place meat on top to roll.

photo Roll half way and fold in the ends like a burrito.

photo Here's your spring roll! Ready to eat!! Serve with a traditional mam nem, fish suace or hoisen peanut sauce. Stay tuned for recipes!

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