My visit to Green Acres a Brian Malarkey Restaurant

Trang Nguyen


My first time here today and I must say I was impressed with the venue and atmosphere!


Here's the address near old old alma mater UCSD. Wish it was around when I was in college over 20 years ago as I probably would have found most of my days outside on their patio chairs studying. Here's the address:

3535 General Atomics Ct, San Diego, CA 92121

And it's such a cute and open restaurant! Again, my favorite part was the garden outside with cute little patio furnitures, umbrellas and a real vegetable and fruit garden. I had such a great time enjoying the beautiful day and having lunch outside on the patio under an umbrella. It's as though I was having lunch in a lovely retreat.


I had the NICE salad. I have never been a fan of dill in anything but this salad had just a hint of it in the salad but maybe it's because of the the champagne dressing which I love! The lightly seared albacore was delicious. While the presentation was a tad sloppy, it was still good. The view of the garden made the salad worth the $13 I paid.

The thing I didn't care too much about were the green beans. It didn't have any flavor. I suppose I don't really care for a aldente boiled green beans. The potato chips aka "tatars" on top was just the right amount of salty and crunchy but they could have put a few more to be honest! The pretzel roll was fresh and that filled me your. See for yourself my $13 salad:


Overall I think I would come back just for the view and maybe to try something else since I thought my salad was good but no exceptional! Maybe a sandwich or soup next time! But the best part is being outdoors in the beautiful garden.

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