Salt n Pepper Prawns

Trang Nguyen


One of My husband's favorite things at the Chinese restaurants! This is an easy recipe but you'll need a wok to fry!


1-2 pounds of large prawns or shrimp (size 16-20 or larger) deveined and split down the middle of the shrimp but not all the way cut leaving tail on.
1/4 cup tapioca starch (just make sure it's coats all shrimp evenly)
freshly grated salt
freshly grounded pepper
1/2 teaspoon of sugar
3 Serrano peppers sliced
Garlic (8 cloves finely minced)

Devein your shrimp, wash, pat dry with paper towel and season with little salt, pepper. Then toss in tapioca starch until lightly covered the entire shrimp.

In a wok. Add enough vegetable or peanut oil to fry the shrimp. Make sure it's hot and do not overcrowd the shrimp so it stays crispy. I break into 2 batches and fry. Then then shrimp is cooked, remove and set aside. Using the same oil, add garlic and cook in the cook until garlic is light golden brown and little salt and sugar and garlic will become crunchy. Then add serranos at end to heat up and turn off and remove garlic and serranos from oil and sprinkle over the freshly cooked shrimp. Be careful not to burn the garlic and it cooks fast. Timing is crucial.

In a bowl, combine cooked shrimp, Cridpy garlic and serranos and fresh grated pepper and salt and serve.


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