Sous Vide New York Steak

Trang Nguyen


My sister bought me a sous vide machine for my birthday. One week later and I finally broke down to use it. Seem so complicated at first but it was easy!! I had to download the Anova Culinary app and sync it to my device first and after that it was easily set on my phone.


We had 2 steaks which we seasoned and put back into a ziplock bag and made sure all air was taken out so it doesn't float to the top. It has to be fully submerged in the water. I set it at 130 degrees for 50 min.
photo (/content/images/2017/01/IMG_8034.JPG)

Here it is submerged and set to cook for 50 min.

After it is done cooking on the sous vide, I pan fried with butter and garlic on each side in a cast iron skillet to get the crispy crust. I didn't time it. I just checked to make sure it's brown and has a good crust on each side! If I had to guess it was about a minute on each side.

Cast iron and 2 tablespoon butter
photo Add your steaks and then add minced garlic


Cook until brown and has a crust on each side. I let it sit for 5 minutes as that's how long it took me to sautee the onions Andy mushrooms.


Final product! It's perfectly cooked!


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