Burrata Caprese

One of my favorites at the Italian restauatnt but now that I found the burrata cheese at Costco, I'll never have to spend $10 for this salad ever again! If you've never had burrata and you love the traditional caprese, you'll love this more! The cheese is creamy and softer than the fresh mozzarella and they are addictive! This is about $2.50 to make at home per ball. The burrata cheese comes in a plastic container at Costco ($5.99) and each container 16 ounce. So each ball is 4 ounces. First time I made it, I only made

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Chicken Wings & Spicy Fish Sauce

Fried wings: Ingredients: 8 wings cut in 1/2 (16 pieces total) 3 tablespoon fish sauce 6 tablespoon sugar 2 cloves garlic - microplane 1 lemon or lime juiced 2 red fresh thai chilis 2 tablespoon fresh Thai basil sliced or chopped to fine pieces. Directions: Deep fry the wings depending on the amount of wings you have. I just go off the temperature recommendations on the fryer 365 and it turns green when it's ready. If you like it crispy...fry longer and keep on checking! We love ours extra crispy!! Serves 2-6 full meal vs appetizer. Sauce Directions:

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