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Instant Pot (IP) Pho

First time making oxtail pho in the Instant Pot! If you don’t know what an IP is, you’re missing out! It’s an electric pressure cooker with many different functions! Do my cook time is anywhere between 45 min-1 hour total cooking time if you do quick release and remember to take out the oxtail or it will be too mushy to eat. I left mine to so slow release so it took a little longer. If you make with just bones, you can cook it for 2-3 hours. You’ll notice the longer you cook, the darker

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Bamboo eggplant and chicken

I recently ate a Chinese restaurant and thought I should copy! Here it is!! This is my version of the famous Chinese eggplant dish but mine is with chicken instead of pork! Secret is in the beans! This is it! You gotta use this! Ingredients: 2 Chinese eggplants (cut up in large 2 inch pieces rotating the eggplant as you cut so it's uneven. Then deep fried for 60 seconds)- this is important!! This is what makes the eggplant stay purple and thoroughly cooked through. 1/2 package of stop bamboo shoots in brine (rinsed well and drain) 1/

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Bottega Louie

http://www.bottegalouie.com/ Bottega Louie 700 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017 Came highly recommended and it was definitely crowded but we got here at 11:30am on a Saturday for brunch and got a table for 5 within 5 minutes. It was loud but we had fun tasting everything we ordered! Here's everything we ordered. The beignets were good, along with the portobello fries. It came with a side of a basil aolie that was delish and it made me want to duplicate! We also ordered the burger, salmon Benedict, lasagne and pancakes. But the best was

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Beef & shrimp spring rolls

vietnamese spring rolls with lemongrass beef and shrimp! If you have ever been fortunate to be invited to a Vietnamese person's home to have this meal do it! We do this at home maybe once a month and a great way to get my hubby to eat fresh veggies. This is a fun meal for everyone! While prep time is mainly washing veggies,slicing cucumbers, making the sauce and boiling noodles. If you're feeling extra fancy, you had butterflied shrimp and calamari. Ingredients 2 pounds of sliced ribeye into thin slices like for pho 1 head of red or green

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