Trang Nguyen

For our 5th Wedding anniversary double date celebration with our besties, we decided to try this highly recommended restaurant in Santa Ana, Ca!

Playground: 220 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701


Good thing we did! We ordered 6 things for 4 of us! We enjoyed 5 out of 6 so this gets a thumbs up!

First on our list is: the Brussel Sprouts! This is a must! My favorite of all the things we ate and everyone be agreed! The cotija cheese in it was amazing along with the crunchy tortilla!!


Second is the: fried chicken! I took a bite and it was so juicy it squirted on my face. This is not your typical fried chicken as there seems to be no batter.


Third was the pasta. I think it was our least favorite! We think it needed more flavor and definitely missing some sauce and zing!


Fourth on our list were the steamed pork belly buns! It was a nice little treat it I feel it is missing more of a sweetness and some acidic! The guacamole didn't do anything to this dish but the pork belly and bun was good.


Fifth on our list is the: maple glazed pork chops. It feed 4 people and the maple glaze was delicious!


Lastly! The fig caramel bread pudding! Omg!!! This is the bomb!!! The four of us shared one and we loved it! Definitely come back for this one!!! Save your stomach for this!!


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